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Advanced SystemCare 3.1

Versatile software to keep your system, discs and private data safe and sound
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Once we fine-tune our computer to our needs and finally feel ourselves comfortable with the workflow, we often come to wonder what else can be done to ensure the overall stability. We spend time and money installing various software to optimise our system's registry, get rid of probable spyware and unnecessary files, make some backups, adjust our hard drive and so on. And then we spend even more trying to purge our system of all the rubbish those programmes have left behind, pondering over how good it would be to have a single tool take care of our computer's performance. 'Advanced SystemCare' by IOBit positively bids to be such a tool.

This programme combines every possible utility to keep track of our system's operation and make timely amendments in its configuration to prevent possible breakdowns. Its registry fixer is one of the most flexible I have ever seen: we may choose from many types of problems for it to deal with or bypass, and the output it produces is detailed enough to see whether fixing a particular registry problem will not cause any further trouble. Its spyware removal tool even scrutinises our browser's cookies, and the privacy sweeper displays a fancy tree of what can possibly be wrong and is worth our attention.

In addition, the programme includes numerous utilities that contribute to its value. 'Disc explorer', for instance, shows categorised lists of files that take up the space of our hard drive, allowing us to delete them selectively. 'Smart RAM' provides more memory to resource-demanding applications without affecting other important programmes. 'Context menu manager' makes it incredibly easy to remove unnecessary items from an inflated right-click menu, and 'Driver backup' makes it possible for us to keep only one spare compact disc for all the drivers in our system, and restore them all with one click afterwards if it comes to this.

The only possible drawback of this programme is that its 'Pro' version is required to push the limits even further, utilising its autoupdate features and engaging even more optimisers and algorithms of system analysis. Still, 'Advanced SystemCare' gives us so much to play with and grow fond of, that our decision to purchase this versatile tool will most likely be a reasonable and easy one.

Jørgen Walters
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  • All its major tools are free, with no limitations whatsoever.
  • A great variety of system and hard-drive utilities that produce exceptional results when used together.
  • Complemented with a spyware removal tool, a context menu manager, a driver updater and Software Informer.
  • Highly customisable registry and privacy fixes - no more unwarranted changes


  • Smart Defrag is free, but needs to be downloaded separately.
  • The programme's 'Brightness' option affects the desktop as a whole instead of its own interface (as one might expect), regardless of the 'Transparency' setting
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